Our Story

The Founders

In the creation of Skin Galore, we aim to seek out a raw systematic routine for an individual to love and enjoy their true skin. Skincare is more than just the surface, it is the natural charm that was given within. Skincare, to us, means being unapologetically comfortable in your skin. We have all struggled with our skin in our own ways, from hyperpigmentation issues, uneven skin tones, acne breakouts, dryness of the skin, you name it. With us being of the African American descent and having sensitive skin, normal drugstore products didn’t help. Using natural and organic products benefited our skin to create confidence, a naturally radiant glow, and an aura about ourselves that no one can take away. Our products are made to be nourishment and energy to the skin. We hope that Skin Galore can bring out your natural radiance, with a silky smooth finish, and a uniqueness to help you achieve your skin goals as it did for us!
- Evan, LaKenna, & Kennedy

Silky * Smooth * Skin